What would you do???

 February 18, 2011

I know a lot of you are adoptive parents or somehow affiliated with adoption so I want to pose a question that should be in your wheelhouse.

As you know I have three “DIY” boys and two adopted girls: one born in Kazakhstan, one in China.

IF (the “if” is for my husband’s sake), we adopt another daughter my question is should we adopt from China again or from a third country?

I guess I’m wondering if Nina might feel left out if there were two sibs from China. Will I unwittingly create some weird dynamic?

Maybe it’s better to keep everyone “even” and add a sister from Ethiopia or some other place.

Or maybe in an already mixed up family like ours it doesn’t matter at all.

I would love to hear your opinion? What would you do?

And if you were adopting internationally again what’s your top pick program and why??

**NOTE**in case you wondered for us Kaz is not an option. First the program is closed right now and second I don’t think I could take the stress and uncertainty that goes with a Kaz adoption, never mind the travel. Sorry. I love Kazakhstan but the adoption program no longer fits us.

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