Bringing Borya Home

 February 2, 2011

I love that people visit my blog and sometimes stay long enough to read and even comment on my mutterings.  Really I am appreciative but seriously I'm no writer.  I'm a yammerer (that's a word isn't it?), I blab about myself and my kids and my cause of the day and basically keep a public journal of my mostly mundane life.  Somehow it works: me the (over) exposer, you the voyeur but literature it ain't. 

There are however a few blog mamas out there who can write.  People with a real voice and the talent and chutzpah to tell it like it is.  A  friend of mine who writes under the pen name  farmbeachgal is one of those very talented and smart (and often times very funny) writers.  She too is an adoptive mom (as a matter of fact we were in Kazakhstan together) and with 3 kaz kids and 3 bio kids, she's about the only person I know with MORE kids than me!  A while back she wrote this post about older child adoption that I just loved (it was later published) and I would love to introduce you to her blog, "Bringing Borya Home" with that great article but I hope you will read more (the story of how she found Borya is amazing by itself).  I would not steer you wrong... jump on over and take a look: bookmark her site, vote for her on Top Mommy Blogs, just CHECK HER OUT cause really, she's got something to say.

Those of you content with reading the side of a cereal box feel free to hang here with me :)

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