Merry Christmas Morning from The Printy's

 December 25, 2010

Matching Christmas jammies...a long standing, moderately embarrassing Printy family tradition. As a friend pointed out, we now have so many kids in the family we need to label them!
Believe it or not I've never had a kid wake up early on Christmas morning, until now.  The boys are laid back, type B minus, master chillaxers.  On Christmas morning I am always the first one to wake so I have time to go downstairs and make the cinnamon rolls and coffee and mimosas.  I light candles and the fireplace.  I turn on Christmas music and when the scene is perfectly set, usually at the civilized time of 9or 9:30 in the morning, I go back up stairs and wake the boys (Dart included).  Well not so this year.  This year was the year of A plus, plus, rise a dawn, sneak down the stairs, girl power patrol!

Yes this year it was all different. It was of course Macy's first Christmas at home but really it was Nina's too, (we were in Kazakhstan and the Mediterranean the two years prior).  Anyway the excitement of Santa got the best of her and Nina woke up and headed down to check out the situation on her own.  Sadly I did not get the photo of her coming down the stairs in her Christmas jammies nor did I get the look of awe and amazement when she first saw the piles of presents on the tree.  Nope what I got was the report; "Mommy, the Grinch did not steal our tree" she whispered as I tried to pry my eyes open. "Mommy Santa brought me a shopping cart, come see, come see".  The realization that I missed it washed over me as I pulled myself out of bed.  I couldn't be too disappointed though because Nina was practically vibrating with excitement. 

After a mad dash to get everything in order the official processional down the stairs was begun.  We got it all on video; Macy's wide eyes, the boys fist pumps and somehow Nina's awestruck face, like she was seeing it all for the first time again: the magic of Christmas still intact.

Still now I know better Nina Bea, I am on to you.  Next year I am going to set the alarm good and early.  No more lazing around with the B team.  The morning crew is in town now and they could care less about protocol or tradition or cinnamon rolls! Next year I will be blurry eyed but ready, (either that or I am locking you in your room).

I guess we were all on the "NICE" list...but I promise it was close for a few Printy's who shall go nameless.

Ahhh the #1 thing on the girls list, SHOPPING CARTS!!

Mama needs her coffee, while Nina Bea samples the eggnog.

Aidan's favorite gift this year...anything World of Warcraft (ugh).

I think Nina would have been happy just to get the stocking...this child loves her chocolate (just like her mommy).

American Girl doll Julie, best friend to AGD Ivy and only slightly shorter than Nina.

My awesome, thoughtful husband got me an ornament to mark the occasion of Macy's first Christmas.  After four years of "waiting for my China baby" ornaments, this was very meaningful. (yup I'm crying here.)

Macy (my American Girl Doll) with her AG Ivy doll (Julie's Chinese best friend).  I bought this years ago in New York when we were still waiting for our China baby and couldn't even spell Kazakhstan. 

My smiley Nolan was happy with every gift...his favorite, an IPOD Touch.
My sweet niece Courtney home on leave from the Air Force.  She is stationed in Phoenix and was in Korea this year so we were very happy she could be home for the holidays.

Can't take the kid out of Kiefer (even if he does look like Grizzly Adams).  He loved his mixing board.

Of course Christmas is also Nina's birthday.  After all the celebrating we almost forgot the cake...

...but we remembered right before bedtime.  Happy 4th Birthday Nina Bea!

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