Trick or Treat!

 October 30, 2010

Macy was so cooperative about the make up.

The glitter was her favorite part (of course).

Nina was far less this point she had already asked if I was done yet.

Serious French mime potential.

Her face is so tiny.

No glitter yet but still pretty cool.

Honestly I can't believe she let us put all this on her.

She doesn't really understand what it's all about but she knows there is candy at some point!

A whole new level of Mommy and Me dressing.

Can I just say how much fun I'm having with these two girls.

Nolan cracked me up with his costume choice.

It was a lot of walking for their little legs.

They both had the "trick or treat" and unprompted "thank you" down...(sigh) so proud.

Once she got it, she was all business...on to the next house for MORE candy!


The little braids had flashing lights...not that we weren't already glowing.

The great thing about cute little kids is people give them a ton of candy (not that I have eaten any or anything).

They started to get tired and cold after about an hour.

Not sure if green is my color?

Neighborhood trick or treat pit stop....btw don't you think Dart should have dressed up??

A girl can't live on Skittles alone...God knows she tried.

Stop at the "Party Here" neighbors to warm up by the fire and have some hot dogs and hot chocolate.

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