Ballerina Babies

 October 9, 2010

The girls had their first ballet class with Miss Meneer of The Ballet Theatre of Ohio this morning. Nina had a year of ballet last year and enjoyed it very much so she could not wait to go back. But, when I asked Macy if she was excited about going to ballet she was adamant,  " I don't like ballet!" (cross arms and stomp foot).  I was pretty sure she didn't take ballet lessons in China and I couldn't think of a good reason why she would have such an opinion so I figured she was just a little scared about yet another new thing. I told her she could just watch and she sat on my lap and did just that for about 90 seconds.  Then you could almost see the "aha!" moment when she realized that ballet meant dancing! She jumped off my lap and got in line right next to her little sister. She and Nina had a wonderful time and they can't wait to go back next Saturday morning.

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