Chinese Visas

 March 25, 2010

This looks pretty concrete doesn't it? 

Dart and I got our passports back today complete with entry Visas for the People's Republic of China. We can now enter the country for up to 60 days anytime between now and March 18, 2011. Ahhhh, let's just hope it doesn't come to that. We are still hoping that May will be our month-that's May 2010.

A few people have asked if we plan to bring the whole fam-damly to China like we did for our second trip to Kaz. The short answer is no. This time it will just be Mama and Baba traveling.

We seriously considered bringing all the kids but circumstances didn't allow for it. With travel being pushed back to May and a homecoming very likely hitting early June the timing just doesn't work with the kid's school schedule. Kiefer and Aidan will be in the midst of finals and Nolan does not want to miss his 4th grade end of year parties. We considered just bringing Nina but frankly decided it would just be too hard to manage two 3 years olds each dealing with a huge life change.

Besides that I like the idea of having one on one time with Macy and if I am being completely honest I like the idea of a few days of one on one time with Dart. Also the difference in my level of travel fatigue with and without kids is night and day, (no pun intended). If I can get to China and mitigate the effects of jet lag I think we will all be better off.

We still don’t have our Article 5 (the next thing we need) or our travel approval but hopefully (fingers crossed) they will be here soon.

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