3rd Care Package

 March 3, 2010

Hello Dear Daughter,

I am sorry it is taking so long for Mommy and Daddy to come to China. How we wish we could be with you now. I am glad though that while we are apart you have your foster family to love and care for you. Soon we will be in China and you will come home with us. It will be a great adventure and I promise it will be fun and you will be safe and happy.

When we adopt you we hope to give you an American name to go with your Chinese name. We love the name Li Ping but it is hard for people to say it here. (You will see that we talk a little bit strangely). In America we will call you Macy. Your full name will be Macy Lisabel Li Ping Printy. It is a long name but a very special one. Macy means “Gift of the Lord”. We feel you are our very special gift from God.

In this package I have included an envelope with our address on it. Please ask foster mother to copy the address so she will always know how to reach us. Also if you like you could draw or paint a picture and send it to us using the envelope. We would like that very much. And, if your foster mother gives us her address we then can send her pictures and letters and drawings too!

I won’t be able to send another gift before I come to China but I will bring you something very special when we meet. I love you sweet Macy Lisabel Li Ping with all my heart. Daddy and I will be there soon. Hugs and Kisses, Mommy

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