The Crib is Now a Toddler Bed (sniff, sniff)

 September 23, 2009

For the past several nights Nina has been playing escape artist.  She has appeared at my bedside three mornings in a row ready to climb in for a 5am snuggle. When we asked how she got out she proudly responded "I did it!" and then just for emphasis she showed us how she easily hopped over the railings. Truth be told I don't mind this much. She is warm and cuddly and I love it when she wraps her little arms around my neck. *Sigh*... though I suppose the crib days couldn't have lasted much longer, (she is going to be three in just a few months) it makes me just a little bit sad to see the rails go down.

So here is her crib converted into the toddler bed.  Daddy just put it together and sent me the picture.  I think it needs a little "fluffing up" but still it is sweet.  Not too grown up right? 

And of course now the real fun begins as we figure out how to get our little jumping bean to actually stay IN the bed.

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