Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again (well actually I'll be home Sunday)

 April 21, 2009

We are leaving in the morning for another mini vacation in San Antonio TX. I have not been there before but it looks like a really interesting place. Can you believe this will be Nina’s third airplane trip in 3 and a half months? Not too shabby… the kid's racking up some serious air miles! We are going to San Antonio because my niece Courtney is graduating from Air Force basic training. We will be able to watch her parade and the graduation ceremony and then hopefully have some free time with her. Aside from looking forward to seeing Courtney I will be thrilled to finally have some HOT weather and sunshine. Last month in Florida was nice but it was cold. The weather here in Ohio has been miserable. I feel like this has been the longest winter of my life.

One thing a little different about this particular trip is the fact that Kiefer is NOT coming with us. As a senior in high school, he simply can’t take the time off from school, or so he says. The sad truth is I think he prefers school to another Griswold family vacation. Too bad because Dart (aka Clark Griswold) is preparing a killer history lesson on the Alamo!

Anyway stay tuned for another painful series of vacation photos….:-)

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