Say Cheese

 February 15, 2009

Nina had her first formal portrait done today. We didn't get all the poses we wanted because she was scared by the flashes and camera equipment. That's pretty typical for Nina though. She seems to be afraid of anything new - first time equals fright time. By the time she experiences something for the second time she seems to be completely in control. By the next portrait sitting I'm sure she'll be putting Tyra Banks to shame.

Sweet & Shy...did I mention I am head over heels in love with this little cherub?
All Smiles...Nina can be so silly. Her smiles make me feel like a good mom. The necklace is from Tiffany (blue box and all). My friend Lisa sent it with a card that read, "one heart for the mother who gave you life, one heart for the mother who will teach you to live it"
Not too Sure...Other times she can be so serious. You can tell she is taking it all in, learning constantly. We think she is brilliant.
Little Miss Pouty Pout...Of course she is two and not afraid to prove it!
Kissable us she looks so much younger than 25 months old. This week she started giving real baby kisses; wet and wide open mouth! It's fine with us though we want her to stay a baby for as long as possible.

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