mundaneness - ordinariness: the quality of being commonplace and ordinary

 February 24, 2009

I was recently prompted by a friend to update my blog..."it's been feral child for long enough" she teased. I agree and frankly that picture freaks me out!!

I am starting to understand why my favorite blogs were no longer updated once the adoptive family came home. It used to make me nutty. I mean I hang on their every word, oooh and ahhh over their child’s photos, send my good wishes and supportive comments and then… wham… they drop off the face of the earth. My God are they ok, were they so traumatized by the trip home that they lacked the strength to type? For goodness sake I, your loyal blog stalker, need to know!

The obvious answer is they have less time to spend on a computer but another possible reason is there is just less to blog about. Adopting a child from half way around the world, now that’s interesting. That same child peeing in the potty, not so much.

I don’t want to sound like I am not enjoying my new addition, far from it, she is an absolute joy. I’m just noting that things are rather mundane at the moment, (again not complaining).

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