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 February 4, 2009

OK I know this will sound a little crazy and probably way too premature but we are already talking about going back to Kazakhstan for a sister for Nina. Although we are still logged into China that adoption feels like a long shot. China is moving very slowly and we are aging very quickly. I think it will be another 2-3 years before we might have a referral from China. I want to have our girls close in age and I do not want to be chasing a toddler in 5 years, (it's already tough).

We spoke with our agency this week and had some preliminary discussions about timing and age requests. We are being told that the process in 2009 is much smoother than 2008. Is that true? What's the sense from my fellow PAP's?? If the wait is a year then getting our dossier started now seems to make sense. That's about the right timing I think.

What do you guys think. Has anyone jumped back in so quickly? What's the real wait going forward in Kazland?

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