For Our Daughters

 February 11, 2009

I did it. I just committed once again to walk in the Cleveland Breast Cancer 3 Day. I will be walking (60 miles) with team "For Our Daughters". If you want to check out our team blog just click the title of this post. Wish us luck!

Last year I walked in my first ever 3-Day with Maria Douglas in our small but mighty team called “For Our Daughters”. Although neither Maria nor I have personally battled breast cancer we each had dear friends and family members who had. We knew we wanted to walk for them and also to walk for our daughters.

What an amazing experience. Maria ended up in a knee brace and I hobbled into the ER with blisters that seemed larger than my feet! Along the way I met some of the most determined and courageous woman I’ve ever known. I met one woman in tears struggling to complete the walk even though she had just finished her chemo treatment 12 weeks before. Another woman had walked in every 3Day event city in the country. Bystanders hugged us, thanked us, told us their mothers, sisters, wives were battling the disease. Even before we finished that walk I knew I would walk again the next year.

A year ago I walked on team “For Our Daughters” for the daughter I did not yet know. A child I only hoped to adopt one day. Today I have been blessed with the addition of a beautiful, healthy 2 year old baby. Nina has renewed and redoubled my commitment to help find a cure for breast cancer before she is old enough to even know what it is.

This year I walk, inspired by all whom I met last year, and for my dear daughter Nina.

PS: to all you nay sayers who thought I would walk but not sleep in the tent, you were wrong! I slept in the tent, used my pink Disney Princess flashlight, and even entered the dreaded port-a-potty! I’m not giving up my Four Seasons reservations just yet but it was kind of, sort of, fun.

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