Prayers for two beautiful families

 January 16, 2009

Nina is doing great and I am grateful everyday for the wonderful blessing she is to our family. Today though my thoughts are with two other families.

Jill and Wade, an adopting couple we met during our first trip to Kazakhstan, are headed back to Ust today to bring home their boys. Jack and Josh are two of the most charming and good looking brothers you've ever seen (and I know boys!). During their first trip Jill and Wade proved to be quite good at rocking those boys to sleep and I hope their baby whispering skills work for them on the long plane trip home.

Sadly the other family in my thoughts today is facing the tragic loss of their baby boy. Beautiful Griffin was only 7 months old but somehow he had found a way to bring hope to a family already in mourning for their beloved brother Carl Roth. Griffin's loss is unfathomable. His Aunt Erin is like a sister to me and my heart breaks for her and for Griffin's devoted parents, grandparents and family who have lost some much. Much love to all of you.

"Griffin Jacob Waggoner came into our lives on June 19, 2008 and went to play with the angels on January 14, 2009.
We will miss him dearly and remember is infectious laugh, sparkling blue eyes and sweet blonde curls. "

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