Everything is ok now Nana is here!

 January 31, 2009

My mother arrived this morning at 3am. She always comes in the middle of the night because she takes the train from Charleston SC to Cleveland. She is afraid to fly and no offer of Valium, liquor or knock out gas will change her mind. As far as she is concerned the train is fine, even if it took her more than 24 hours to get here and especially when her new grand daughter is at the end of the line.

Nana is really excited about being here. All of her long distance shopping and blog stalking have not satisfied this grandmother. She is a woman on a mission-to spoil silly one very lucky little girl. She arrived this morning with 2 VERY large suitcases and a stuffed to the brim overnight bag, (maybe they don't have weight limits on the train?) She was also carrying a party dress on a hanger. One perfect party dress for Nina. When dart tried to take the dress and put it in the car she pulled it away from him and said "I carried that all the way from South Carolina, I don't want it to get wrinkled". (This of course is the only woman I know with perfect creases in her jeans!)

BTW the reason for all the luggage: apparently Mom has a one way ticket. She is planning on staying "as long as we need her", at least until she is convinced Dart & I know what we are is doing:).

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