The ubiquitous brown eyed brunette

 September 11, 2008

Ok, not my usual post but what the heck not like I have any new news on the adoption...

Apparently now all brunette women look like Sara Palin. Over the past few days I've heard a dozen times how I look like Palin. Yesterday I was in Chicago meeting with a "big time" private equity group (read as "all male and me") and one of the partners said to me, (and I quote), "I'm sure you get this all the time but you look just like Sara Palin". Are you kidding me no one even knew who she was two weeks ago! All the time, well I guess all this week! I do have similar coloring but I don't think anything more.

Then again maybe we brown eyed girls do look alike. I wonder if the republicans thought they were actually nominating another powerful and politically experienced brunette when they chose the Governor????

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