The Point of Return

 September 2, 2008

This is an interesting article about Chinese adoptees who traveled back to work in the the orphanages where they were originally placed. More and more lately I have been wondering how my daughter will think about her birthplace and birth parents. I think I originally thought international adoption somewhat eliminated this issue. But then I had so many misguided and naive thoughts about adoption when we first choose this path nearly two years ago.

Now it seems obvious that our daughters will of course be curious about their birth beyond just where they were born but who their birth family is. This is natural and as an adoptive parent I think I have some responsibility to ensure that my children are able, the the extent possible, to know their heritage. I am researching ways I can support my children when the inevitable questions arise. I will certainly prepare a life book for them (I am sure much of this blog will become a part of it). I also wonder if there are measures I can take during the actual adoption that will provide the "trail of breadcrumbs" my daughters may someday need to trace their roots.

If anyone out their in the blogosphere has any advice on this topic I would be grateful to hear from you.

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