Babies need a lot of stuff!

 September 21, 2008

I got an email on Friday saying our crib should be delivered Monday or Tuesday this week. I am really excited to finally see my crib set all together (I have exhausted every bit of patience and self control I have on the adoption process so I am putting it up even before the walls are painted!!!). Since I am not waiting another hot second, Dart and I took a drive to Babies R Us to get a mattress for the new crib. Can you believe in all this time I haven't been there? I didn't dare before but now I am confident we are close.

It was a little weird. There were so many pregnant woman waddling around the store I felt a little conspicuous being able to see my feet and all. I also felt really, really old. It seems like a hundred years ago that I was one of those young and round women. Even still it was fun and as different as we may have looked, the excitement we felt pushing around strollers and testing out car seats was as wonderful (and clumsy) as the first time. In some ways it was even better than the first time since now we can actually afford all the STUFF you need to get for a baby. Wowie it's a lot!!!
We made a pretty good haul, (what can I say if I'm there, and I need it, and they've got it, I'm getting it). We got the mattress - after laying down 5 of them on the aisle floor and rolling around for a while. Then we spotted a Britax car seat on clearance (yeah!), got that too. And, when we walked by the strollers we couldn't resist taking a few out for a test drive. (I did already get the Bugaboo Cameleon but I also wanted a light weight folding stroller.) I had a tough time deciding but ultimately landed on the Combi (the color is called "Wasabi"-it's a sign!)

Oh yeah I also got a big ole bottle of Dreft --let the nesting commence!

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