August 26, 2008

My feet are still blistered and swollen as I write this post but I say now I will definitely do this again next year. What an amazing experience! My friend Maria and I walked as a team called "FOR OUR DAUGHTERS". She walked for her daughter Brittany and I for my daughters I have not yet met. The thoughts of these girls motivated us at every step.

Over 3 days we walked a total of 60 miles in temperatures topping 90 degrees. We slept in tents at night, showered in shower trucks and used a porta potty. There were almost 1,300 walkers in all and Maria and I completed the walk on Sunday in the top 40 walkers. Of course it wasn't a race but we learned that each of us is both competitive and stubborn so we pressed hard to the finish line.

By the end of the walk Maria was wearing a knee brace with a bag of ice wrapped with saran wrap around her knee and I ( feet wrapped in gauze and duct tape) took off my shoes to find blisters bigger than my toes and a blood filled sock. No matter,there was no pain that could diminish the joy we felt upon completing this walk. It was grueling and incredible all at once.

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