Not much movement for China...

 May 5, 2008

"This morning the CCAA informed us that they have completed the matching process for families with dossiers registered through January 12, 2006." "...last month the CCAA’s cut off date was January 9, 2006"
Message from our China Adoption Agency

In the last month our China adoption wait has only moved three days closer to a referral. Our LID is 9/13/2007. At this rate we are just a couple hundred months away from a referral!!!

I am so grateful that we are pursuing another adoption in Kazakhstan. Although it still feels like my heart is in China it is clear that my daughter is actually in Kaz. How funny how things work out. Three years ago I thought my family was complete, a year and a half later I was dreaming of China, and a year after that I learned of Kazakhstan.

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