My "first daughter"

 May 22, 2008

About a month ago my 17 year old niece Courtney came to live with us. The circumstances were difficult and we have been going through a stressful transition. Today though we had a couple of things to celebrate with Courtney.

1st today was her last day of high school! She will be graduating from high school on June 1st.

2nd Courtney finally got her (temporary) drivers license!!

so watch old world (literally and figuratively)here she comes......

This is a poem that Courtney wrote for my birthday today

Thank you for your loving advice,

Even though you had to repeat it once or twice.

Thank for giving me a home,

Even though I said i wanted to be alone.

Thank you for not giving up on me,

I know how hard this has to be.

You picked me up when I said I can't,

This poem is for the best Aunt.

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