Get Well Grampa Doug

 March 28, 2008

Yesterday was a little bit stressful, but for a change not because of the adoptions. Dart's Dad was sent to the hospital by ambulance after having an abnormal ekg at his doctors office. He ended up going the hospital cath lab, having a procedure on his heart, and staying overnight. Dart immediately got flight info and was ready to fly to Florida that day but his Mom called in the afternoon and seemed to think everything was ok.

Based on the photos Gramma Jan sent us last night, Doug seems to be doing well. He looks pretty happy all things considered (but I think Gramma Jan looks a little worried). And I guess Doug was feeling ok because when Dart called to check on his Dad this morning he found he had been released from the hospital and that his parents were presently sitting down to breakfast at the local Bob Evans...I assume enjoying a fruit plate!!

Right now we can't wait to get them back to Ohio and to a specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. We sure do love our Grampa and besides I need Doug's ticker in good shape....I still have lots of home improvement projects for him :)

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