January 1, 2008

We looked at programs all over the world include here in the US. In the end Kazakhstan seemed to be the right program for us. Once we finish our new dossier we expect to receive an invitation to travel to Kazakhstan in just 4-6 months. We should be home with our 1st daughter by the end of 2008!

We are hoping to complete our dossier by February 1,2008. Given the very recent experience we have preparing our China dossier I think this will go smoothly. Even before we choose an agency to work with we try to get a head start on those things that take the longest; homestudy update, BCI/FBI fingerprints, central registry clearance, medical reports etc.

The thing I was most concerned about was a second long wait for USCIS. Then I found out we can file a form called the I-824 that will allow us to change our China approval to Kazakhstan. This will not effect our China adoption because we have plenty of time to submit a new application for China (I think due to the long wait we would have ended up doing this anyway). A new I-171H should only take 2-3 weeks!

So it is done. Kazakhstan. Now if the boys would stop with the Borat jokes...

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