January 31, 2008

We have been impatiently waiting for our Home Study to come in the mail. It is the final item we need for our dossier. Ironically it was the very first thing we started on when we decieded to pursue a second adoption. Today after a bit of nagging we finally received the Home Study ----hooray! Here it is.... Yeah! I rip open the envelope.... Yippee!I've got the Home Study!.... CRAP. Our social worker forgot to give us copies of her license. #%&*$@!!!!

Practically I know this means just another day or two of delay but I am still really frustrated and just a bit annoyed. I sent a detailed email to Brenda (the social worker) explaining EXACTLY what was needed weeks ago. Don't they do this everyday? Haven't we paid thousand of dollars in PROFESSIONAL fees??? ........AAARRRRGGG!

Ok Lori, be calm.
Everything will work out.
Breathe in, Breathe out....Adoption Lamaze.

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