August 25, 2011

With heartfelt gratitude to Sara... thank you for bearing witness to His little miracles.

Today, i saw Vincent held the bottle to feed himself;
Today, i saw Josh almost stood up all by himself;
Today, i saw Melanie waved goodbye to me for the 1st time;
Today, i saw Asa's big open mouth smile when i walked into that room;
Today, i got Spencer to talk a little walk with me;
...Today, i got so many kisses from Mia;
Today, i heard JJ cried because he thought i wasn't going to play with him;
Today, i praise the Lord for allowing me to witness these small but amazing and sweet moments!!
This poetic expression of love, love of children and God, was found in an unassuming facebook post; written by a woman working at Shepherd's Field Children's Village in China. 

I thought is was gentle and beautiful and inspired and I just wanted to share.

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