Give Aways and Good Causes!

 August 28, 2011

Ok so this is sort of cool... at least I hope you think so.

Since I started writing Five of My Own last December readership has grown pretty steadily.  At this point Five of My Own averages 60,000 page views per month (and growing by >5,000 each month).  According to Alexa (if I’m understanding this) it’s rated in the top 2% of the most trafficked sites on the web.  We've been listed as the #1 Top Mommy Blog for most of 2011 and we were even voted one of the 2011 Most Inspirational Families by Circle or Moms.

It is totally crazy.

With the increased traffic I’ve been getting requests to do product reviews and giveaways.  To be perfectly honest I wasn’t sure at first if I was interested.  There are sites out there that do lots of giveaways and basically the whole blog is about reviewing products but that’s just not me.  I'm not making a living doing this (as if) I'm just sharing my experience with adoption and these crazy people I live with.  Plus I just can't get comfortable with "selling" something I don't really believe in. Especially since one of the first requests was for me to review a cord blood storage service.  Seriously, cord blood?  On an adoption blog?? After that I basically put it out of my mind.

But I think I've figured out how to have some integrity in this process... in fact I think there might be a way to have some fun and do some good at the same time.  So, beginning in September I will be reviewing products and hosting giveaways as they become available.

However I’m going to have some ground rules.

if you’re an advertiser - this is for you!

  • The product or service has to be of interest to Five of My Own readers; think moms, mostly adoptive moms.  You know the kind of moms with kids, adopted kids. If you are selling something like cord blood storage or say breast pump or stretch mark cream you’re barking up the wrong tree.
  • Now if you have cute clothes, toys, children's books, parenting books, therapeutic services, baby/toddler/kid gear, cool websites or something else you think we could use then by all means tell us all about it!
  • If we agree you have something that makes sense to talk about here, I will share your product or service with my readers along with my honest review and opinion.  (If it’s negative, I’ll leave it to you to decide if I should publish).  My review will include pictures (both yours and mine) and links to you site.
  • We can discuss details on a individual basis but generally here’s what I would like in return;
    • Of course I need something to work with so send me samples and information on your product or service.
    • I don't want to be paid BUT I will ask that you make a donation to an adoption charity or project of my choice.  This might be in the form of cash or merchandise or even a percentage of sales generated. (And great news your donation will be tax deductible!)
    • Finally I ask that you sponsor a give away for Five of My Own readers.  I love my readers and I want them to get a little something too!

So that’s it.  A little something new.  Here's hoping this will add some fun for my readers while helping a few of the orphan related charities I love!

Our first reader giveaway will begin on September 12th!  I think all of my fashionista moms are going to like this one!

If you would like me to review your product, service or site here on Five of My Own please email me at

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