Boys in China

 August 4, 2011

Lest you think there are only baby girls in China I want to share a few beautiful faces with you.  Each of these BABY boys is aged one or under and currently waiting for a family.

Caden  (born 7/2010,  indirect inguinal hernia, LID only) 

Craig (3/2010, Clubbed feet (Unilateral) and Deformity of fingers, special focus)

Kaelen (10/2010, maldevelopment of both hands, special focus)

Javier (10/2009, Cerebral Palsy (mild), special focus)

Now I realize that advocating for adopting boys may seem a bit contradictory on my part but perhaps you have noticed the three strapping young men up there in the blue truck?  I was an all boy mom for more than 16 years!  Let me tell you I can tie hockey skates with the best of them!! And, I loved LOVE every minute of parenting my sons.

We each come to this place of wanting a child, wanting to adopt, by different paths. I wanted to experience parenting a daughter and so I adopted girls.  I had the infant experience so older was ok with me.  I won't judge anyone for the choices they make in building their family.  I'm simply saying that there ARE BABY BOYS WAITING in China. 

If your dream is simply to parent there really is no need to wait.

After all they have waited enough for all of us.

To learn more about these bouncing baby boys email me here.

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