Arrival Day Photos

 August 11, 2011

I'm not sure I can fully express my gratitude, appreciation and RELIEF that The Butterfly is now at Shepherd's Field.

Just seeing her here with Dr Moody listening her heart and lungs helps me to breathe a little bit easier.

And I am enjoying every picture that offers me some other gorgeous little detail to obsess and fuss over like, her baby-chub knees and her little diaper butt. (I have one in diapers??)

My heart is warmed seeing how much she is loved by (and loves) the Director from her Guangdong orphanage. This man put all professional ego aside and allowed The Butterfly to go where she could get the treatment she needs. We were told she was an orphanage favorite and it certainly appears to be so.  How grateful we are for him!

I am studying her every expression and feature of her sweet face: she seems to change every time we get new photos. But.... her eyes.... always stay the same.

I am thrilled to see a bit of personality: even if it makes me eager for more.  I sense there is a whole lot of spunk in this little pumpkin. We like spunk around here!

What will she be like?  Sadly I won't know for a while but I imagine this might be her caught in the cookie jar stare! Who me?  Couldn't be. (BTW I'm toast...I'm never going to be able to say no to this baby!)

Soon I will see her smile full and wide...and hear the giggle that surely goes with it.

And I'll get to nuzzle her pink, round checks. (I'll try not to chew but no promises.)

Baby Boy thinks his sister needs longer hair and The Bee does too.  The Ladybug's pretty sure this is a boy and not The Butterfly at all.  Me,  I'm gathering baby bows and pigtail holders and girly-girl dresses. I've been wanting to put a bow on her head since I first advocated for her....and I'm gonna!

And I'm going to love her, oh yes LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her.

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