Fathers Day 2008

 June 15, 2008

Dear Daughter,

You don't know it yet but you have the best Daddy ever.

He is big and tall and very strong, a former football player in his college days. You will always feel protected. He looks a bit menacing with his shaved head and beard but that's just for show (especially for the boys you will someday bring home ) you will know that behind the tough exterior is a sweet, somewhat goofy and entirely lovable Dad. A big softy if ever there was one.

Your Dad is a hard worker and a "guy's guy". He the kind of dad that builds additions to the house and pulls the sink apart when its clogged. He knows how to fix stuff and how to put stuff together, he has a store of batteries in every imaginable size. He rides a motorcycle and listens only to classic rock and roll. He loves all sports as player or fan but mostly he loves to coach. When your brothers started playing hockey your dad said "I never thought thought I'd be the kind of Dad that sat on the sidelines". So at thirty years old he not only learned to skate but earned his certification to coach hockey. He's a good dad and a good man. You can be proud of him.

Your Dad isn't all brawn though he is smart-really smart. After nearly 20 years I can honestly say I have never met a man who is smarter than your Dad. He went to an Ivy League school called Brown- he will want you to go too. He went to graduate school-he will want you to go too. He will work hard to make sure you do well in school and since he is a teacher he will be very very good at that.

Your Daddy is the kind of daddy who will; read "just one more page" before he tucks you into bed, lift you onto his shoulders so you can "see", throw you high in the air and catch you every time, tickle you with raspberry kisses on your tummy and your cheeks and your toes. You are very lucky to have this wonderful man for your father. He is the Dad every girl wants for her own. He is our family's rock, our strength and foundation. He will make certain you are safe and cared for and loved.

He will be a great dad to you because he IS a great Dad already.

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