Home Sweet Disney Home

 March 16, 2008

This is our 18th Disney vacation so it really does feel a little like our home away from home. It is pretty funny to think about my first visit here back when Kiefer was 3 years old. Kiefer and Dart LOVED it. I on the other hand thought it was absolutely miserable and vowed I would never ever return. At trip 18 it’s not too hard to figure out who won that battle. Of course I must admit the place has grown on me. The truth is with three kids ages 17, 13 and 8 it really is one of the few places where everyone is happy, which is really all a mom can ask for.
We went to the Hoop De Do Review our first night at Disney. It is our favorite dinner show here and always fun. Kiefer was chosen to go on stage this time which made it even more fun. He was dressed as an Indian and dubbed “brave and strong”. He really hammed it up and got lots of laughs-finally a proper audience for the class clown!
BTW: tonight the magic kingdom was open until 3am-I mean are you kidding me!!???

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